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"How the Doctor got Started"

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Doctor Tee Shirt is My Professional Name

I'm going to start writing about the T-Shirt World, My World and how it all came about. A long time ago (I've been in business 32 years, That was a time long ago) I was an aspiring cartoonist. Or I should say Bartoonist! My college & life long friend Altair Gobo (Yes that is his real name) had an idea to start a cartoon strip about the bar scene of all the things we've seen & did. I called it Bartoons. At first it was frustrating trying to get a cartoonist to illustrate our ideas. It forced me to start dabbling in the cartoon art world. I bought some books on cartooning (No they didn't have Cartooning for Dummies back then) and started to teach myself how to draw. Before long I was becoming a Bartoonist. I started making cartoons of the bar scene. Having experience behind the Bar gave me some ideas of cartoons of the pubs I worked in. There was a lot of material there for sure.

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